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As I would be staying at Gran’s for some weeks, I had to go to the local school, along with my cousin Fred. It was a lovely brick-built school, and was situated at the end of a tree-lined avenue. The school was half-empty as so many children had been evacuated.

imagesCA70XOQNOne day as I was walking home from school, my cousin started chasing me, and I fell over a large milestone. I can remember the pain as I fell on my arm, and how quickly it started to swell. My cousin looked very worried, as I think he was afraid of what Gran would say. By the time we arrived back home, the pain in my arm was making me cry, and Gran could see that I had really hurt myself. Gran said I would have to go to the doctor’s, as she thought I had broken it.

The doctor examined my arm, and told Gran to take me to the local hospital as he suspected that I had fractured a bone. By now the pain in my arm was quite bad, and when I heard the doctor mention the hospital, I started to cry. I associated hospitals with very ill people, and my Dad dying.

I received no sympathy from Gran. Even though I was upset and in pain, she was more annoyed about the inconvenience to her. She started grumbling about having to get the bus, and how long it would take. hkl838bus

Gran turned to me and said: “So this is how you repay all my kindness to you, I shall be glad when you go back to your Mother.”

By the time I came out of the hospital with my arm in plaster, I was feeling very sorry for myself. The only comment Gran made was that it was a good job it was my left arm, as I would still be able to write, so I could attend school. She said: “I don’t want you under my feet all day.”PlasterCast


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